10 Best Landscape Lighting Transformers

All landscape lighting installations start with the transformer; this is the device that converts standard 120V current to low-voltage current for your lighting system. You need to choose a transformer that is capable of delivering enough power for your current plans, and if possible, to provide capacity for future expansion when you decide to add more lights.

More details on specific features and choices to be aware of when choosing a transformer are available in my book, Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Guide on Amazon.

Below are reviews of some of the best transformers for your next landscape lighting project. Each has different pro’s and con’s, keep reading to find a transformer that is right for your installation objectives.

Volt 300W Multi-Tap Transformer

The 300W multi-tap transformer from Volt Lighting is an excellent choice if you want a high-quality transformer that will serve your needs long into the future. It comes with a high performers toroidal core that is more efficient and cooler than lower-priced options. It comes with a massive 300W power output that is enough to power dozens of LED lights and includes multiple power taps at different voltage outputs. This is a professional grade transformer that is built to last.

Volt 150W Multi-Tap Transformer with Timer/Photocell

Our second recommendation also comes from Volt, but this time in a 150W multi-tap version that is still plenty of power to supply most low-voltage landscape lighting installations. This comes with a timer/photocell option to control when your lights are on and is also easily compatible with a smart-home option to control the lights with your phone as we discussed in another blog post. This 150W transformer features the same quality workmanship as other Volt products and is an excellent choice for your next project.

Author: landscape99